At the heart of GLISA North America is its membership, whose strength in numbers allow us to facilitate partnerships for the successful delivery of World and North America Continental Outgames and the advancement of our mission.  Membership to GLISA North America currently consists of several classes, all of which include waived membership fee.

We share expertise and best-practices between member organizations to nurture growth and sustainability. And we partner with a broad variety of organizations, both GLBT and mainstream, to build bridges that help us further GLBT rights and visibility while celebrating our culture and sport.

While GLBTQI clubs, teams, and associations have been established and thrive in many urban centers, there still remain many instances where individuals are isolated and removed from the support of the GLBTQ community.  Whether individuals live in small towns which may be hostile to their orientation, or belong to sports clubs where individuals may bully minorities, or in any similar unsafe situation, the GLBTQI community, and specifically GLISA North America, should extend the strength of the community to those individuals.

It is in this spirit that GLISA North America also offers “Individual Associate Members” wherein individuals may be put in contact with others in the sport, Human Rights, or culture domain which interests them. Though there are no voting rights with such membership, access to the GLISA NA Individual Associate Members will have website access, receive GLISA news and information, and benefit from sponsorship and marketing arrangements GLISA North America establishes.