GLISA North America endeavors to deliver a vibrant on-going GLBTQI sports movement that: (1) offers a compelling competition calendar featuring competitive events with the highest standards of organization and facilities, at every level of the GLBT sports system, and fully recognized by mainstream and GLBTQI sports governing bodies; (2) provide a viable business model for hosting Continental Outgames into pertetuity; (3) leverage the collective power of the GLBTQI sports movement towards the advancement of GLBTQI rights within the larger society; (4) faciliate the sharing of expertise and best practices between member organizations to nuture growth and sustainability; and (5) build partnerships with organizations with shared values to help us further GLBTQI rights and visibility while celebrating our culture and sport.

GLISA North America’s priorities include preparing for and promoting upcoming North America and World Outgames, securing host partners for future North America Outgames, expanding our membership of teams and associations, strengthening current partnerships and building new ones with interested organizations to combat homophobia in sport, heightening awareness of GLBT rights across the continent, highlighting GLBT contributions to culture, and supporting the Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association – GLISA International.

Additionally, GLISA North America continually undertakes organizational projects to better serve its members and ensure its continued success.  Recent projects included the launch of a new website and its a social media platform.  Our current project includes a strategic plan study regarding GLISA North America’s future.