The annual Delegate Congress (or Del-Con for short) is the GLISA-North America annual meeting. This meeting reflects the obligation to have one full meeting annually for all members and member organizations in good standing. Participation is encouraged and welcome.The Del-Con provides the annual reporting responsibility of the GLISA-North America Board and it includes but is not limited to matters of business such as: Officers’ Reports, financial statement, election of members to the Board, changes to the constitution and/or by-laws, and any other relevant information or interest to members. According to its Constitution, GLISA-North America provides and encourages its members to participate via electronic communication with details provided to participating members and member organizations prior to commencement of the Delegate Congress meeting.

Why should my organization join GLISA?

Membership in GLISA enables you to promote your organization through our web site and your events through our online calendar, to network with dozens of other organizations like yours around the world, to share in and benefit from our best practices database, to be a part of expanding GLISA’s continental associations which will be partnering with hosts to deliver Continental OutGames, to have a say in the governance of GLISA including making decisions about future World OutGames locations and programs of sports and events, and to have the opportunity to serve in a leadership position within GLISA.